Bug Out Bag List PDF: Checklist For Your BOB

go bagBelow, we have compiled the Bug Out Bag List in PDF for you to use as a guide and checklist when gathering the contents
for your BOB (Bug Out Bag).

Bug Out Bag List PDF: The Six Basic Survival Needs

The purpose of a bug out bag is to get you from a place of low security to a place of high security.  Keep this in mind when deciding what to put in your bug out bag.  The contents should be able to support you and your family for up to three days and should focus on the following six areas:

  1. Water and water filtration
  2. Food
  3. Shelter
  4. Fire-making
  5. First aid and hygiene
  6. Security 

Important tips for packing your bug out bag

  1. Your BOB should not weigh more than 25% of your body weight.
  2. You will need a minimum of one liter of water per day per person.  This is bare minimum for survival so you need to make sure you can locate and purify water.
  3. Use your gear before you need it.  We hike about once a week with the kids and use the gear.  Not only is this good family time but great exercise as well.
  4. Generally, your backpack should be around 50 Liters in size.  This is the size I use and can fit more gear in there than I can carry.

bug out bag list pdf

How to use our Bug Out Bag List PDF

Please use our checklist as a general guide and remember to customize the contents based on you and your families age, medical needs, physical abilities, geography, etc.  No two bug out bags are exactly alike.  My BOB in Florida will look much different than someone who is located in Ohio.  I need to be prepared for extreme heat and humidity while someone up north will need to worry more about extremely cold weather.

Download free Bug Out Bag List PDF

Bug out bag checklist pdf

Other Resources You May Find Helpful

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We hope that you found this helpful and please feel free to email us if you have any questions!

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