MOLLE pouches increase the effectiveness of your Bug Out Bag

If you are prepping for an emergency and putting together a bug out bag you will want to optimize your backpack to effectively carry your gear as efficiently as possible.  This is where having MOLLE pouches will come into play.  In this post we will discuss what MOLLE pouches are and how to use them.…read more.

What color bug out bag should I purchase?

When purchasing your bug out bag you should give some thought to the color and/or camouflage patterns available.  We are often asked what is the best color for my bug out bag?  Well, lets think about it. What are you trying to do when bugging out?  Your goal is to get from an area of low…read more.

Three features of a great survival knife!

Without a doubt a good survival knife is one of the most important tools in your bug out bag.  But with so many options on the market its tough for beginners to figure out which one to buy.  In this post we will quickly discuss the three must have features to a great survival knife.…read more.

Survival Sewing Kit for your Bug Out Bag

No emergency or bug out bag should be without one! When preparing for an emergency or survival situation you should plan to be able to repair rips, tears or holes in either your clothing, survival gear, tent or tarp.  Something as small, light and inexpensive as a survival sewing kit will go a long way in…read more.

How to build and use an Emergency Fishing Kit!

The human body has the amazing ability to go up to three weeks without food.   But unfortunately, when we are deprived of food we can start to feel the adverse effects much sooner.  In this post we will discuss how to build and use an emergency fishing kit! The ability to catch or trap…read more.

How to pack a bug out bag!

So you’re listening to your short wave radio and you hear that the Mutant Zombie Bikers are right around the corner.  Oh no!  Time to grab your bug out bag and G-O-O-D (Get Out Of Dodge).  So in this post we are going to discuss how to pack a bug out bag. My Name is…read more.

What to put in a bug out bag?

So you’ve decided that the world might not be as stable as you once thought and you want to be prepared for the next great emergency. Maybe you’re expecting a massive EMP or an attack from the Mutant Zombie Bikers. Or perhaps you’re just planning for the next local natural disaster. Either way, you would…read more.

How much bleach to purify water?

Whether looking to purify water for long term storage or in an emergency situation having bleach on hand could be a great asset.  The active ingredient in bleach that is useful in disinfecting water is chlorine.  So this post answers the question “How much bleach to purify water?” DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANT ME TO ADD…read more.

The Prepper’s Tool Box – Hand Tool Checklist

It was not until I read the Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide by Jim Cobb that I realized the important roll hand tools will play in a long-term survival situation.  My workroom consists of many types of tools but almost all of them have a power cord or battery attached to them.  In a long-term “off the grid”…read more.