The Best Bug Out Bag For You?

If you are new to prepping choosing the correct bug out bag can be a daunting task.  With so many options on the market what is the best bug out bag for you?  Lets look at a few options to help you narrow your decision. The Function Of A Bug Out Bag Let’s quickly discuss…read more.

Get Home Bag List – Get Prepared!

Need a great Get Home Bag List?  Check out ours below at the end of this article!  If you want to know more about the purpose of a get home bag please read on. What is a get home bag? The purpose of a get home bag is to make sure you can “get home”…read more.

Backpacking Fishing Gear

In this article, we will discuss what to look for in your backpacking fishing gear.  Having been a fisherman most my life, I would like to give you some tips when compiling your backpacking fishing gear. As with every component of your backpack, there is always a trade-off between weight/size vs. benefits.  Fishing gear is no…read more.

What is a get home bag?

So you just spent all this time and money putting together a bug-out bag.  Now you need a get home bag too?  What is a get home bag anyway?  Being prepared for an emergency can seem like an overwhelming and never-ending endeavor.  Typically, preppers will prepare their home first for an emergency, which makes total…read more.

How To Build A Cheap Bug Out Bag

Building a cheap bug out bag while still maintaining quality can be somewhat of a challenge.  Putting together a quality, survival style, bug out bag can be hard on the wallet these days.  In this article, I will give you my advice on how to build a cheap bug out bag. If you follow us…read more.

Bug Out Bag Commonly Overlooked Items!

No matter how much I prepare, there always seem to be a few important items that I overlook for my bug-out bag. In this post, we will have a look at some commonly overlooked items that you should have in your bug-out bag, and how you can ensure that you are fully prepared! The Purpose So the…read more.

10 Tips For Survival Fishing

So tragedy has struck and you are on the run with your bug out bag.  It’s day three and you have depleted your food supply and then you remember you packed your emergency fishing kit!  In this article we will give you 10 tips to improve your survival fishing! Survival Fishing Kit Having the fishing…read more.

Bug Out Bag List PDF: Checklist For Your BOB

Below, we have compiled the Bug Out Bag List in PDF for you to use as a guide and checklist when gathering the contents for your BOB (Bug Out Bag). Bug Out Bag List PDF: The Six Basic Survival Needs The purpose of a bug out bag is to get you from a place of low security to a…read more.

Premade Bug Out Bag vs. Survival Bug Out Bag

If you are planning for an emergency a good bug out bag is essential.  There are so many different types of bug outbags on the market that for beginners this can become overwhelming.  In my opinion a good place to start is to understand the difference between a premade bug out bag and a survival…read more.

Oh no! My wife is a crazy Prepper!

Many years ago my wife and I would sit around and watch Doomsday Preppers and think, look at these crazy cuckoo birds! Where do they find these people?  What’s all the fuss about? If an emergency struck our area we would just leave and if we couldn’t leave the government will be there to help. I…read more.