My Bug Out Bag

Below are some photos and descriptions of my personal bug out bag. Let us know what you think! 

Win the Fight or Flight Tactical Sling Bag of Your Choice!

Fully loaded on the trail

bug out bag

Here is my bug out bag fully loaded on the trail.  For the backpack I use a 50L (liter) three day tactical backpack with MOLLE attachments (the pouches attached to the sides and front).  Plenty of room for three days of supplies, which is what you want to plan for in your bug out bag.  


This is my favorite photo of my bug out bag and is a great shot for two reasons.  First, you can see the contents fully laid out and grouped somewhat by function.  Second, shows just how much a 50L backpack will hold.  This fills about 70% of the pack and loaded weighs approximately 28 lbs.  

On the back

bug out bag

Here is a picture of me hiking some trails with my family.  We do try to get out and use our bug out bags when we can.  Good practice and exercise for the family.  This shot give you an idea as to the size of the 50L backpack on an adult male.  

Food and Water

Here is a close up shot showing some of the food rations and water filtration I keep in my BOB.  Regarding water, one of the most import components in your BOB, I keep three one liter containers, water treatment tablets, two types of water filters and also a metal pot to boil water.  Redundancy is very important especially when it comes to water.  

Loaded and Ready

bug out bag

Started carrying my knife, water bottle, flashlight and rain gear on the outside of the pack.  These are the items I use most while hiking so it's nice to have easy access to them.  Making good use of the MOLLE straps! 

Fire Making

This close up of my BOB highlights the redundant fire making components.  UCO storm proof matches, three lighters, flint and magnesium fire starter, Wetfire tinder's.  The UCO matches and Wetfire tinder's will burn in almost any condition and can be purchased on Amazon at a reasonable price.  

Small Go Bag

bug out bag

This is my tactical sling bag that I use as a small "go bag".  This is something I try to take with me when I will not have access to my main bug out bag.  All the basics are covered here like water, security, minimal shelter, fishing kit and fire.  Not nearly as complete as my main BOB but will do in a pinch for sure! 


This close up of my BOB highlights some of the kits and navigation components.  It's a good idea not to rely on your GPS or smart phone to find your way around.  Get a good old fashioned map of your city and region.  Also, a compass, note pad and pencil will come in handy for navigating.  In this photo you can also see my fishing and survival sewing kits.  

Medical Kit

bug out bag

This closeup shot highlights the first aid kit I carry.  This ready-made first aid kit is designed to treat cuts, blisters, rashes and burns.  I also put in some Claritin and ibuprofen.  It's a good idea to make sure to customize your first aid kit to meet any special medical requirements, especially if you are taking prescription medication.  For hygiene, I carry a tooth brush, tooth paste, small bar of soap, toilet paper and talcum powder.   The hygiene products are not life saving but could make your trip a little easier and takes up little room/weight.    


Knowing what is going on in your area during a crisis can be paramount to your safety.  I carry a small shortwave radio that also picks up NOAA, AM and FM stations.  This picture also shows my 15 Watt solar charger and spare batteries for my radio and flashlights.  

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